Studio Ghibli Princess Mononoke San Photocard

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Explore Princess Mononoke San Photocard – A Studio Ghibli Enthusiast’s Delight

Dive into the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli with our meticulously crafted Princess Mononoke San Photocard. This captivating piece of art beautifully captures San’s essence, showcasing her iconic mask adorned with a kodama mask above her head. As a true Studio Ghibli enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the intricate details – from her ornate hair accessory resembling a jewel to the tribal red markings gracing her forehead and cheeks.

Notably, the photocard highlights San’s connection with the mystical forest, featuring a necklace crafted from four animal teeth, likely those of a wolf. Her attire, reminiscent of wolf skin fur, drapes gracefully beneath the mask. The overall effect is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Own a piece of Studio Ghibli magic with our Princess Mononoke San Photocard, and let the spirit of the forest and the enchantment of this beloved character adorn your collection.

Product details:

  • Size: 9.5* 6.4 cm
  • Material: Waterproof Glossy 254 GSM Photo card
Weight15 g


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