Studio Ghibli Spirited Away No Face Sticker

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Discover the Magic of Studio Ghibli Spirited Away No Face Sticker

Unleash the enchantment of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away with our exclusive No Face sticker. This captivating design captures No Face in all his glory, delicately cradling a tea glass on a saucer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sticker showcases No Face in a mesmerizing and exquisite art form that’s sure to captivate any Anime enthusiast.

Elevate your sticker collection with this unique Studio Ghibli Spirited Away No Face Sticker, and let the mysterious charm of No Face adorn your favorite belongings. Don’t miss the chance to add a touch of Ghibli magic to your life with this extraordinary sticker.


Product Details:

Size: 9.4* 7.2 cm

Material: Vinyl Glossy Sticker

Waterproof: Yes

Self Adhesive: Yes

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Weight15 g


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