Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Symbolic Photocard

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Experience the Magic: Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Symbolic Photocard

Capture the essence of “Studio Ghibli” with our Spirited Away Symbolic Photocard. This exquisite collectible showcases the film’s iconic characters in a captivating tableau. At the heart of the scene, Chihiro gazes directly at you, drawing you into her world. Just above her, the enigmatic No-Face features a regular expression, adding to the mystique.

To the right, a whimsical sight unfolds as Boh takes on his plump mouse form, cradled by Yubaba’s diminutive bird. The delightful contrast between the small bird and Boh’s rotund figure creates a humorous visual. Meanwhile, Haku adopts his majestic dragon form, crafting an aura-like circle that envelops the characters.

Immerse yourself in the symbolism that defines “Spirited Away.” Each character’s presence tells a unique story, and our photocard expertly captures their essence. Whether you’re a devoted fan or an art collector, this photocard is a tribute to the film’s most unforgettable characters.


Product details:

  • Size: 9.5* 6.4 cm
  • Material: Waterproof Glossy 254 GSM Photo card
Weight15 g


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